Trinity Academy New Bridge Careers Information

The aim of Careers Education is to enable young people to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to understand themselves. It supports making choices, encourages research opportunities and the ability to manage transitions from education into training or employment. It is in place to foster independent learning, develop employability skills and explore how to use information advice and guidance. In short, it is about developing the skill set to enable the take-up of experiences or opportunities to enrich lives. 

Our vision statement and core values ensure that empathy, articulation, positive relationships, resilience, praise and evaluation are rooted into our curriculum and that our learners and their families know our story. This ‘prepare’ agenda embeds the values needed for adulthood, employability and success. 

From September 2022 all schools must secure independent careers guidance for learners from years 7 to 13. At Trinity Academy New Bridge, our careers curriculum aims to ensure that learners experience at least 6 opportunities to with a range of providers of approved technical education qualifications and apprenticeships. In support of appropriate provision, Trinity Academy New Bridge work alongside the North East Local Enterprise Partnership and are part of the North East Ambition Careers hub. This is a government strategy to strengthen local community involvement in the implementation of the National Careers strategy. 

For further information please contact our Careers Lead: Chris Hudson

Phone: 0191 2986950 option 4



Form Time

Every Monday learners across the school have a Votes for School assembly in which they learn about, discuss and vote on questions surrounding current affairs and issues including health, charity, support and the Environment. VotesforSchools mission is "to give young people the knowledge they need, and tools required to change the world around them. The programme helps teachers to address current affairs and sensitive topics while lighting up in the classroom and sparking learner interest in new areas. The voting platform gives young people a respected and influential voice.