Remote Learning Offer

Every learner has been provided with their own tablet at Trinity Academy New Bridge and this will be the primary means for learners to continue their learning using the Microsoft platform, Teams if and when it is required. 

Our curriculum needs to remain robust, and we want to seamlessly switch to being able to deliver our curriculum online as the need arises. Consistent teachers continue to teach learner so have a good understanding of where they are and what they need next. Curriculum is the same as was planned with slight variations to aid remote learning. The offer covers all areas of the curriculum to ensure that we are providing a broad and balanced curriculum 

Our remote learning offer timetable is built upon a range of resources - live lesson, set assignments, pre-recorded videos, online diagnostic intervention programmes, suggested engagement activities and printed resources.  

All our learners have an EHCP and specific needs - we know we have to take a bespoke approach. The teaching teams at Trinity Academy New Bridge will be able to liaise with families to see what is achievable and what support they need. For example some learners will not access the live group lesson but may receive an individual intervention live lesson or phone call. Some parents may request more paper resources; others may use online diagnostic programmes more. Staff are well placed to advise families on how to manage remote learning alongside our learners’ SEN. 

The role of a teacher has not changed, the teacher still facilitates the learning and it is just the method in which they deliver this learning is slightly different. Specialist teachers deliver lessons – particularly in preparation for GCSE. 

Monitoring attendance, engagement and progress 

We have systems in place to monitor learners’ attendance at their remote learning, particularly when this is delivered using digital methods and where there are concerns these will be raised immediately via phone calls. Daily registrations will be completed and added to Arbor. We can monitor access and see the work submitted by learners both electronically and through printed resources. Daily phone calls or small group Live sessions support personalised feedback to learners. 

GL Assessment 

In Trinity Academy New Bridge we wish to assess all of our learners to see what their needs are and how we can best help them learn and achieve. As part of this process, we administer a series of short cognitive ability tests in English, Maths and Science for KS2/3 learners. Each test is standardised against national benchmarks using GL Assessment ( The tests will provide key information to support your child’s progress in preparation for the academic year. It allows our teachers to plan appropriately and set realistic targets. 

When a child has either not attended school or has refused to complete the tests we would ask that you Parent/carers access GL Assessment at home and sit the short tests under their guidance. By doing this remotely with learners the teaching staff are still informed about the strengths and development areas of each learner and can plan appropriately.