The move to a new school means a number of major changes in the lives of all learners. Owing to the comprehensive transition programmes, most learners cope well and feel accustomed to the changes by the end of the first couple of weeks. In contrast, we recognise that some learners may take longer to adjust and may require ongoing support throughout their school days to allow them to fully access the curriculum. In order to make this transition a smooth and positive experience, we develop bespoke transition programmes in addition to the standard approach.

As is the case with all the offers, transition offers are built using a synergistic approach with learners, parents, and other agencies as appropriate. We expect most learners are able to access the full curricular offer from the outset, but we do expect some to require a phased transfer and fully support a bespoke programme from start to finish.

Our approach usually involves…

Identifying needs and suitable offer. For transitions from Primary to Trinity Academy New Bridge;

  • the SENCO visits the feeder school, meets with the prospective students
  • the SENCO then meets with teachers and any other relevant members of staff to discuss in detail individual needs.
  • The designated safeguarding leads then visit the school to speak with the children to address any concerns, answer questions, promote TANB’s offer and to ensure the child feels safe and comforted with the idea of transition.

If the placement is agreed, relevant documentation completed and sent to Local Authority

15-day turnaround for Local Authority to specify a start date.

In the meantime...

  • we initiate contact with child/parent
  • we invite parents for a “look-around”
  • we arrange school-parent-child familiarization meetings

Start date finalized

A flexible, bespoke transition programme is developed and agreed.

The transition programme is mostly parent/student-led.