A message to our Year 11 Learners

Dear Year 11,

Over these next few weeks you will sit your GCSE, functional skills  and end of school exams. These exams are very important and the sheer effort and dedication to learning you have shown deserves this opportunity to be show cased and demonstrated!  So stay positive, keep calm and GOOD LUCK! 

However, these exams can not assess all of the truly amazing and wonderful things that make you, YOU!  They can not measure how calm, kind and honest you are. They do not measure how disruptive your education has been over these last few years - they can't assess your perseverance and resilience to home learning, your excellent school attendance, or that you stayed behind every Monday night after school to do revision club. 

They don't assess how thoughtful and trustworthy you are or how proud we all are of the fantastic sporting, team working or musical achievements you have made or the many other unique and amazing attributes that are the things that actually do define you as a person!

The examiners don't know your hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future, your dedication, or your motivation. There are many ways to be successful and we know no matter how you perform in these exams that you are and will continue to be successful! 

We are all so very proud of the kind, caring and thoughtful learners you have become.

"Educating the mind without educating the heart 

is no education at all". 


Keep calm and believe you can do it, 

The staff team at Trinity New Bridge