Assembly Time!

This week in our Monday school assembly, we discussed both the advantages and disadvantages of our online world. We talked about how we use and conduct ourselves online and the concerns and issues that it can cause. Learners were able to give good insights into the world of social media and made some thoughtful and valuable contributions. Although, issues online divided opinion, our learners voted favourably for its place in society and didn't fully agree with the negative press and attention social media sites get.

The topic prompted further discussion, with learners this week explaining how a very famous rapper, Kanye West has had his social media blocked this week for making anti-semitic comments. Learners acknowledged that Kanye's audience online is in the millions, so his reach and influence is huge, they suggested that there needs to be sanctions for posts like this. Our learners commented "no one should be allowed to speak hate online just be kind. "Another learner added, "it's a hate crime and people should all take responsibility for what they say on social media." 

This set us up nicely for our end of the week reward assembly, where our theme was celebrating kindness.