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Athena’s Child by Hanna Lynn

Rating out of 5: 3

Review by Miss Fairbairn

Athena’s Child takes one of the world’s most well-known monsters and completely flips the script. Lynn gives us a version of Medusa that is heartbreakingly sympathetic. She takes us from a young Priestess, devoted to her Goddess, to a cursed creature, punished for acts she did not commit. We watch as the millennia pass, and the Gorgon and her sisters lose all scraps of humanity, only for Medusa’s last hope, Perceus, to set sail on an adventure of his own.

The legendary Grecian hero, son of Zeus himself, has been given an impossible task: the head of Medusa on a plate, or his mother is wed to a tyrant king. With his divine heritage granting some sibling sponsorship, you would think that there would be no way Perceus could possibly fail. But perhaps the truth could make the hero question who the monsters really are?

A page turner that you could easily lose an afternoon to. If you have grown up with tales from ancient mythology, this is a read for you. Though be warned, there are plenty of adult themes and situations throughout.