Food Safety

Our year 7 learners have been learning about food safety and focusing on chicken and the dangers that come with handling chicken. We looked at why chicken can be dangerous and what we can do to safely handle chicken.

The first thing we identified was you must wash your hands before and after handling chicken. The learners were then able to name the different kinds of bacteria that can be on raw chicken. Olly was able to identify that “Raw chicken can have a few different kinds of bacteria they are campylobacter bacteria and sometimes the most common Salmonella. These can give you food poisoning which could make you really poorly”. Learners then focused on their knife skills and practiced using the bridge method to cut their chicken ready for their homemade Chicken Goujons. Once they had safely cut their chicken they made their own crumb mix and safely cooked their chicken. We made sure that the chicken was fully cooked. All learners worked calmly, safely and most importantly worked as a team to complete the task.