Food Technology | Healthy Choices

In food technology at Trinity Academy New Bridge, learners have been looking at how to make healthy choices and equip themselves with the life skills necessary to support their health and well-being. During lessons, learners acquire the skills and confidence to experiment with food preparation and there are opportunities to develop a lifelong appreciation of and interest in foods from different cultures.

Learners have been learning how to prepare and cook a variety of dishes, using a range of cookery techniques and equipment. They have also been looking at the importance of nutrition and the way in which food works to maintain a healthy body.

Food hygiene and safety is also another important aspect of lessons here. Learners have been practising important life skills, such as time management and the ability to multitask, working with others, decision-making, attention to detail and economical budgeting.

In addition, learners have been encouraged to analyse, discuss, describe and evaluate their dishes using a variety of verbal and written formats.

Learners are encouraged to be aware of subject specific terminology and develop their literary and verbal skills. Alongside this, they are also developing their practical numeracy by weighing, measuring, timing and portioning food during lessons.