Learner Focus DT

KS4 NCFE Creative Art 

learners must research and design a novelty mirror for a local gift shop. The shop has a contemporary, fun image that sells products to people of all ages. The mirrors are to be free standing having the ability to be moved around easily, also if they could be adjusted this would be a huge advantage. Initially the shop would like a batch order of 50 novelty mirrors but would first like to see a prototype of the proposed design. Learners have practiced making 4 joints; dowel, lap, cross halving, and butt and then used them when creating their mirrors as pictured after the initial design stage. They are now completing the health and safety part of the course making workshop rules. The final part of the course requires them to look at sustainability and suitable materials.

KS3 Device Holder

Learners were asked to design and make a wooden device holder. This could be a stand for a mobile phone, a stand that incorporates a speaker for a mobile phone or a holder of some sort for a games controller or console.

We discussed products that were already available, looked at them on-line and we purchased one off Amazon to look at. They also had a few images on the design brief to get some ideas from and then attempted 3 different initial designs and then selected their own bespoke product.