Let’s Get Cooking!!

Our Key Stage 4 Hospitality and Catering learners have been hard at work over the past few weeks preparing for their first exam.

This was the practical assessment for Unit 2 of the Level 1/2 Hospitality and Catering technical award.  As part of this award, they needed to propose 4 nutritious dishes that met the Design Brief of making a dish that could be served in a new Holiday complex that was opening. They then needed to plan to produce 1 of these dishes and finally prepare cook and the dish with accompaniments during a set 2 hour timed practical session. As this was worth 60% of the final award food preparation and cooking skills as well as transferable skills of problem-solving, organisation and time management, planning and communication skills all played an important role. Their dishes were assessed under a number of formal criteria – including cooking and presentation – and the final results will be added to their written exam and their practical coursework. The whole assessment was very successful; the learners worked extremely hard to demonstrate a range of preparation and cooking skills and were very proud of their efforts.