Macbeth Poems

For World Poetry day learners created simile and MORERAPS (metaphor, onomatopoeia, rhyme, emotion, repetition, alliteration, poems about the characters we have been studying in Macbeth.

Tremaine achieved learner of the week for his poems about Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.

Lady Macbeth:

Lady Macbeth is an owl.

Drop, drip, drop, drips go down the sink,

Water and blood causes a flood

Of emotions: crazy; psychotic; mania.

Is that a dagger, a dagger, a dagger I see before me?

Twisted tortured thoughts.

The dagger persuades me to kill.

I am as helpless as a hunted mouse. 

The dagger - a strong, menacing force.

Evil that I can’t ignore.


He lives with guilt that surrounds him like thick fog.

With arms like heavy weights that carry his evil deeds.

With hands like death himself.

With regret like a padlock wrapped around him.

With a body that is a prison.

And a mind that’s a cage; trapped with no escape.

With a loneliness like a mythical animal that is the last of its species.