Votes for Schools

Each Monday morning, during form time, learners take part in an online national voting platform that enables our learners to share their views on a range of current affairs each week.  At the end of each Monday form time, learners have an opportunity to hold discussions in class and share their thoughts on often challenging topical issues.

On a Wednesday morning, in tutor time, learners are encouraged to share their opinions and have the opportunity to see what views and opinions other learners hold. It also allows them to become part of a wider, national conversation empowering them to know that their voices are heard and their opinions valued.

This week we looked at the question "Are you scared of failure?" In group 11, learners were surprised to see that the majority of the class were scared of failure.  We talked about the result of our class vote and shared ideas, coping strategies, the power of having a growth mindset and wrote positive quotes to each other.