Summer School Week 1

Summer School 2020: First Week of Fun

Having lots of fun was the main objective of Summer School, however, our students also learned some valuable lessons for life.

Been Minion to say...


Friendships have been rekindled after lockdown, as well as new ones forged. Kindness is at the heart of our school and we have been humbled by the acts of kindness between friends this week.

Resilience and Perseverance

In life, things can go wrong; you may end up covered in egg, but carry on regardless and don’t quit.

Teamwork and Cooperation

Each bubble has worked collaboratively on tasks, showing the importance of teamwork where…





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Self-Confidence: Anything is Possible

Including making a chocolate orange cake and toasted marshmallows, on an open fire we made ourselves, from a tiny spark.


Adapt and Overcome

Life will throw challenges our way, such as eating a doughnut on a string, without using our hands. Our students learned they can do things when they try.

Emotional Management

It’s the taking part that counts and every single student who attended Summer School this week is a winner. Returning to school after lockdown and adhering to new measures, such as social distancing has provided a learning opportunity for everyone.


Everyone is Different

All students used plain white t-shirts to create individual designs, showing we are all the same, but different too and that is OK. We are all looking forward to the big reveal next week when everyone is going to wear their creations for ‘Tie-Dye Friday’.


Week one feedback from our parents and carers:-

I’m shocked. He normally doesn’t want to go. He has melted back in better than ever. He said ‘I love it Nana’.

He is getting up fine, feeling comfortable and bouncing out the door and then he bounces back in.

‘I'm so glad you done it'

‘It gets him out and gets him ready for September’


Week Two Fun:

Looking ahead and forward to next week, our students will be taking part in a range of activities, including:-

Bushcraft, Tie-dye, Treasure Hunt; Sports Day; BBQ and Prize Giving