Food Technology: Life skills​​​​​​​

Our 2020/21, improved curriculum offer for Key Stages 3 and 4, means every one of the learners has lessons in Food Technology each week. We recognised the importance of developing crucial life skills, which are focussed on healthy nutrition and cost-effective meals and therefore, added Food Technology to the curriculum. We also noticed that many of our learners would opt for Food Technology for their Magic Friday Rewards, and we wanted to ensure they all have equal opportunities to enjoy learning to cook. Previously, Food Technology was offered at Key Stage 4, as a Pathway choice, but now all of our learners, from Year 7 up, are able to participate and learn their way safely around a kitchen, led by Mrs Baker. What is more… our Key Stage 3 learners will acquire certificates for successful units achieved, as they are participating in the AQA Unit Award Scheme. Here are some of our learners participating in lessons.