Horticultural Activities​​​​​​​

A group of learners have had the opportunity over the past few weeks to attend some flower and tree planting sessions with volunteers from Hylton Castle. Learners from group 1 and group 4, went down to Hylton Castle to plant flowers in a small patch of land which is to be the first of many flower beds created in the renovations of Hylton park/castle. Learners had the opportunity to work together as a team to clear and prepare the area of land from weeds and debris and then plant a range of seeds, including cornflowers, cosmos and dill.

Learners then also added their own task of clearing up litter from around the patch where they had planted seeds, and on the walk home. As the learners have had so much fun being involved in this activity they are now keen to design a garden back at New Bridge. This will allow them to continue to develop their horticultural skills as well as creating an attractive outdoor space, which will contain some raised vegetable and flower beds and a sensory area.