The 6 Week Canoeing course at Simonside Outdoor Adventure​​​​​​​

I have just completed a 6-week canoeing course, I enjoyed this very much.

  • Week 1- We got used to the water, we went on the kayak, we were going where we felt comfortable in the water.
  • Week 2- We went back out in the Kayak, learnt how to turn the boat around and played games in the water.
  • Week 3 - We got more confident in the water, out in the Kayaks and we were taught how to keep a float in an emergency, lying on our backs and floating.
  • Week 4 - We went rock climbing because the weather was so bad and the water was dangerous.
  • Week 5 - We went in the canoes, two people in each boat, we went round the docks to South Shields Beach. We got caught in the tide and we had to push hard to get back.
  • Week 6 - We went out in the speed boat, I think everyone was nervous about this. When we went out into the water, we went really fast! Some of the students got to steer the boat, we went out to sea, right out if the dock, the waves were heavy and it was very exciting. We stopped and we looked at a seal, it was sleeping on the steps near the lighthouse.

The thing I enjoyed the most was going on the speed boat.
I least enjoyed floating in the water because it was very cold.
I would give this course 10/10, I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to all the students in school.

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