Science in Action!​​​​​​​

In Food Technology lessons this week Year 9 students have been baking crusty bread.  

Learners carried out product analysis examining a range of bread products that are currently on the market and discussed how they could use fresh or dried ingredients to change the flavour of bread to sweet or savoury.

Whilst the bread was cooking, learners carried out an experiment to show how bread rises.  First, a solution of warm water and yeast was mixed together, then we fed the yeast sugar and salt (it’s a living micro-organism!)   

As the yeast ate the sugar and salt the children observed little bubbles forming on the top of the solution — which they knew from Science lessons meant that a gas (carbon dioxide) was present! Very soon the gas started to inflate the balloon!

Children were able to relate this to their bread bake by discussing how the gas will be trapped in the stretchy dough making it rise just like the balloon! We certainly have some brilliant bakers and super scientists here in Year 9!